The Government announced today (7 July) that it will step up its crackdown on the illegal use of the $2 ride concession, and from the 25th of this month, the fine for the illegal use of heavy rail under MTR will be doubled to $1,000. A number of legislators believe that the increase in fines has a deterrent effect, and at the same time suggest that the police use more snakes to strengthen the crackdown.

The Secretary for Labour and Welfare, Ms Sui Yuk-han, announced in the Legislative Council today (7 December) that in order to strengthen the crackdown on the illegal use of the $2 ride concession, the Transport Department will set up a task force to work with public transport operators to strengthen enforcement; The amount of the relevant fine under the MTR By-laws has also been increased. From 6 June, the fine for the MTR network will be doubled from the current $25 to $500,1. Meanwhile, light rail and MTR buses increased by 000.290% from MOP370 to MOP27.

Ms Sun also reminded the public that in addition to facing fines, operators can refer the case to the Police for follow-up investigation, and the person concerned may face prosecution and imprisonment.


New Thinking Legislative Council member Di Chi-yuan believes that the increase in fines for illegal use of concessions to $1000,<>, plus a maximum sentence of imprisonment, should have a deterrent effect. He suggested that the authorities adopt the "snake release" method to crack down, and suggested that the Police should be vigorous for a period of time and launch patrols in various districts.

DAB Legislative Council member Lee Sai Wing also supported the police in releasing snakes to follow up on related matters. He pointed out that even if the fine is increased to 10000,2 yuan, there will still be personnel to enforce the law. He pointed out that not only did some members of the public illegally use the $<> ride discount, but in the past, there were also drivers who used Le Yo cards to indiscriminately take cards, suspected of defrauding the government subsidy, hoping that the authorities would step up the crackdown and protect the use of public funds.

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