Kherson resident and volunteer Olga Tsylinko, who lives in the flooded Zabalka neighborhood, described how she managed to escape with her two children after the explosion of the Kakhovka hydroelectric station, when the water began to arrive quickly.

She told about this in a comment to Channel 24.

Tsilinko lived with her two children near the Koshevaya River, which is a tributary of the Dnieper. The water arrived extremely quickly. In the morning I had to leave.

"My two kids and I lost everything we had. First, dogs were taken out, then they helped lonely neighbors. Then at 10 o'clock the water began to approach, then they ran away themselves. Now even the roofs on all houses are not visible. Rescuers were already sailing boats over 1-storey houses. So that you understand how much the water level has risen," the woman said.

Tsilinka noted that in the area where she lives, there is no centralized sewerage, and everyone uses cesspools. As a result, feces got into the water. The interlocutor of the publication said that when her relatives returned for documents, there was already "water with feces" in the house.

"There may be a great danger of infectious outbreaks. Summer. Heat. South. Therefore, I think that this should also be discussed. The water will come down sooner or later. People will start coming back or trying to save something. And what will await them? This needs to be explained," the volunteer warned.

In social networks, Tsylinko added that this morning rescuers on a rubber boat drove over her two-story house.

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