Apple claims that it is the best device so far for watching 3D content.

New Delhi:

Apple has introduced its first mixed reality headset in WWDC23. These are called Apple Vision Pro. It is a product that connects the virtual and real worlds. After wearing it in the head and applying it in the eyes, this headset presents a screen in front of the user, in which every small work is done, as well as a great experience from entertainment to gaming. Apple has said that 'Vision Pro' can be controlled with eyes, hands and voice.

The design
of the Apple Vision Pro is Apple's first mixed reality headset, which it has called a personal electronic device, based on an aluminum frame. It has curved glass in the front. A physical button has been provided to capture the image. There is a digital crown for adjustment. The strap has been made flexible, so that users can easily wear it. Audio pods have been installed on the side, whose job is to listen to great audio. Apple's M2 chip has been installed in Vision Pro. There is also a new R1 chip. Its display is micro-OLED. Jais has also collaborated in preparing the headset. Apple claims that it is the best device so far for watching 3D content.

The price of
Apple Vision Pro has been reported to be $ 3499 (about 2 lakh 88 thousand 724 rupees). It will be available from next year i.e. 2024.

Features of Apple Vision Pro
It is primarily a mixed reality headset, but with the help of dial, the user can switch between augmented and full virtual reality. There is no controller in the device. It can be controlled with eyes, hands and voice. For example, they can be controlled by looking at the app icon. Commands can also be given through voice. This headset connects to Bluetooth. It also pairs with iPhone and Mac.

According to Apple, 'Vision Pro' has a system called EyeSight. It is used when someone enters your room. The front-facing display of 'Vision Pro' gives the user a chance to see who is in front. The user does not need to remove the headset.

With the help of 'Vision Pro', not only can important tasks be handled, but it also takes FaceTime to a new level. When connected to the MacBook, it presents a large screen in front of the eyes, which makes it even easier to work. Through this headset, users can see a lot of content. It adjusts the screen according to your room. Users can also make the screen smaller and larger themselves. Disney's premium content will be included in 'Vision Pro' from day one.

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