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Assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh are 4-5 months away, but the Congress is talking about holding Sundarkand and Rudraabhishek in all 230 assembly constituencies with populist promises, it is going to surround the BJP government with its own weapon with issues like corruption, inflation and that is soft Hindutva. Many events of the Religion and Festivals Cell of Madhya Pradesh Congress have started appearing.

Bhopal: Senior Congress leader and former Law Minister PC Sharma is organizing Shrimad Bhagwat Saptah Gyan Yajna in Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh. There will also be rudrabhishek daily. The most prominent face in such events is the narrator Richa Goswami, president of the Congress's Religion and Festivals Cell. 32-year-old Richa grew up in the ashram of Amarkantak, mother is a lawyer and father is a teacher. In the last two years, the party has organised more than 30 major religious events and has to hold programmes in 52 districts before the elections.

Richa Goswami said that the Madhya Pradesh Congress Religion and Festival Cell was formed two years ago so that religious activities could be conducted smoothly and without pomp. Through this cell, I organise rituals, Bhagwat Katha and Shiv Puran. He said that our aim is not to beat anyone, God will give the fruits of the rest of the work.

Madhya Pradesh Congress president Gahe-Bagahe calls himself a Hanuman bhakt. The party office is also painted in saffron color. Apart from this, the party has taken some important decisions in view of the elections, such as creating a temple priest cell with the aim of cultivating Brahmin votes and starting a movement to get them ownership rights over the temple land.

Along with this, Dharma Raksha Yatra in 230 assembly constituencies and katha and religious events in every district are included. Dharmacharyas have to be included in the Dharma Samvad program, so that the traditional vote bank of the BJP can be breached. 230 Sundarkand lessons will be conducted in 108 assembly constituencies. However, on the question of elections and religion, the Congress says that they follow the path of Lord Ram and the BJP follows the politics of religion.

Congress leader PC Sharma targeted the BJP and said that they separate Lord Ram from Sitaji. He said that we say Jai Siyaram and he does politics by linking religion and we do politics by following religion. Be it Lord Krishna, Lord Ram or Hanuman ji, he is the god of justice, he will do justice in Madhya Pradesh like he has done in Himachal and Karnataka.

, however, has also raised the religious flag. Pandit Pradeep Mishra and Acharya Dhirendra Shastri of Bageshwar Dham are directly and indirectly participating in the programs. The Chief Minister has said that the land of the temple will be auctioned by the priest. Apart from Mahakal, the rejuvenation of all major temples has also been announced, the BJP is calling the Congress events a hoax.

leader Rajpal Sisodia said that those who used to appear on the posters of Qawwali and Urs are seen in Bhagwat today. This change has come, it is the victory of our idea. He said that these are pseudo-people, who will go to one locality by applying Tilak, then they will hide and wipe Tilak in another locality. They pose a threat to society. Sita ji was defeated by Ravana by becoming a sadhu, he will defeat the votes of the people by becoming a Hindu in disguise but there will be no success here.

There are about 60 lakh Brahmin voters in Madhya Pradesh. This is about 40 percent of the total vote bank. However, Vindhya, Mahakaushal and Chambal are decisive in more than 10 seats. In the last election, the Congress had resorted to computers and Mirchi Babas. In the Bharat Jodo Yatra, Rahul Gandhi went from Mahakal to Omkareshwar, Narmada Aarti was performed. The aim is to defeat him in the BJP arena.

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