The Russian occupiers have been preparing to blow up the Kakhovka hydroelectric station for a long time. It was possible to expect such actions of the enemy in 2022.

This was stated by former adviser to the Head of the Office of the President and Minister of Internal Affairs Viktor Andrusiv in an exclusive interview with

"They prepared this terrorist attack a long time ago, last year you could expect them to do it. A month ago there was a message that they were evacuating Nova Kakhovka. There was even false information that they left it altogether. In fact, they have long been preparing for this to counter our counteroffensive. But not in such a way as to give us cities, but to blow up the Kakhovka hydroelectric station. They were very afraid of our potential assault and landing, and they decided to counteract this with such an animal method," Andrusiv said.

According to him, the Russians used new weapons, but not nuclear, but powerful environmental weapons, causing terrible damage to the environment and large areas. We are talking about hundreds of square kilometers. Andrusiv noted that only after a while Ukrainians will understand the scale of the catastrophe organized by the occupiers.

"This is a war outside the rules, because even the Geneva Conventions protect dams, they cannot be blown up. Russia has shown that it fights without any rules. I don't see that they could benefit particularly from this step in terms of any military tactics or strategy. This is the same crime as in Bucha – you may win, but we will cause you such trouble that it will be with you for years," he concluded.

Earlier, the President's Office reported where the situation was most difficult after the explosion of the Kakhovka hydroelectric station by the occupiers.

To recap, President Volodymyr Zelensky listed the problems that will arise after the explosion of the Kakhovka hydroelectric station.

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