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Today, the vacation for primary and secondary school students in Serbia begins, Serbian national television RTS reported.

Because of the tragedies that shook the public, the government decided to end the school year two weeks earlier. School doors will remain open until June 20 for those who want to improve their success. Parents were given questionnaires to state whether their children wanted to participate in additional activities.

Acting Education Minister Djordje Milicevic said there was a legal basis for ending the school year two weeks earlier and that students would have the opportunity to improve their grades by June 20th.

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"Ninety-five percent of the curriculum has been completed. There is a deviation of five percent, which is allowed by law," Milicevic explained. He also said the decision that the school year ends on June 6 is not premature.

Due to the tragedies that deeply affected the whole society, the government of Serbia decided to end the school year on June 6th in all primary and secondary schools in Serbia.

"At this time, it is more important than ever to focus on what's best for our children because they deserve our full support, love and care," the government said in a statement.

On May 3rd, a 13-year-old student killed nine students and a security guard at a school in Belgrade, and a day later a 9-year-old shot dead eight people in an indiscriminate shooting in three villages near the town of Mladenovac.


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