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For me, the key word will be "trust" between us. With these words, the Minister of Education and Science prof. Galin Tsokov turned to the experts at the Ministry of Education and Science when accepting the post. He stressed that he considers the experts to be people with potential and their followers, because education and science unite in the name of a better future for children, pupils and students, the press center of the Ministry of Education and Science announced.

Minister Tsokov expects support, creativity and positivity in relations in order to build a complete ecosystem of Bulgarian education with the inclusion of other institutions for the improvement of Bulgarian education.

Prof. Sasho Penovprof. Dr. Sasho Penov has a Master's degree in Law from the Faculty of Law (SCF) of Sofia University "delivered the post with gratitude to the administration, which with talent, mind and perseverance built on what the previous teams started.

Parliament elected the cabinet "Denkov-Gabriel", Radev and "Vazrazhdane" left the hall

"I am proud that there was a bond between us and the former ministers, who also gave their advice. This is how I will approach it so that there can be continuity in the work of the ministry, "assured prof. Penov.

Sasho Penov

Ministry of Education and Science

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