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At a short succession ceremony today, June 6, 2023, at the Ministry of Culture, the new Minister of Culture Krastyu Krastev took over from the previous one – Nayden Todorov.

"This is a man who over the years has proven to be one of the best leaders in culture in Bulgaria" - with these words Nayden Todorov presented his successor. With his inherent sense of humor, Maestro Todorov wished Minister Krastev to work in the Ministry for as long as in Plovdiv, as well as to be just as successful. "Two months ago I presented you with the award of the Ministry of Culture, now I present you with the Ministry of Culture," Nayden Todorov addressed Krastyu Krastev.

Parliament elected the cabinet "Denkov-Gabriel", Radev and "Vazrazhdane" left the hall

Minister Krastev thanked Maestro Todorov, stressing that for him he is an outstanding professional and a person he loves and respects. "I believe that he has done everything he can - and more - to make things happen here, for which I thank you!" said Minister Krastev. He said he was now coming to a place he had previously gone for other reasons. So he thought, "Your vent is ending, now you have to be an outlet." Regarding the work, Minister Krastev said that he was used to her being in a team where there is respect for everyone's work. "I respect every work, I respect the ability in the work," the new culture minister said. In his words, there are probably accumulated negative things from everything that interferes with the work that needs to be done, but he believes that all those working in the Ministry come to it with great love, above all for culture. "I want to build a spirit of trust that I know is hard to win. Believe me, I will not interfere in anyone's work if he wins my trust that this is what needs to be done, "said Minister Krastev to the team of the Ministry of Culture. The system should calm down and people should be left to work, the minister said. He pointed out that there are many capable people in culture and if the Ministry manages to calm the environment in which they work, they will do their best.

At the end of the ceremony, observing the long-standing tradition, Nayden Todorov symbolically handed over to his successor a phototype copy of the famous Manasses' chronicle, which as a sign of continuity was handed over by the Ministers of Culture.

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