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on June 6

After the vote, the members of the newly elected cabinet were sworn in. Before the oath, President Rumen Radev and the Vazrazhdane parliamentary group left the plenary.

Parliament elected the cabinet "Denkov-Gabriel", Radev and "Vazrazhdane" left the hall


"It is not good to get nervous about such events, especially when we are in a time of war in Europe.

In my opinion, the nerves should be calmed – there are laws, there is a Constitution, we have a plan, we have a program... Bulgaria is returning to the parliamentary republic, "added Petkov.

Kiril Petkov on the President's reaction: It is not good for a person to lose his temper


Obscene gestures, Frankenstein, ChatGPT and nagging marked the debate around the election of the Denkov-Gabriel cabinet


Bulgaria has a pro-European government after a long impasse.

In the agency's article it is pointed out that the new pro-European government is the result of a painful compromise between the two main political forces, reached after more than two years of instability and five parliamentary votes.

World media write about the new government of Bulgaria


"Congratulations, Nikolay Denkov, on your swearing-in as Prime Minister of Bulgaria," she wrote on Twitter.

"Congratulations also to my former colleague and Deputy Prime Minister Mariya Gabriel. I look forward to working together on common European issues, a strong Bulgaria and a strong Europe," von der Leyen said.

The President of the European Commission congratulated the new Bulgarian government


"All allies agree that NATO's doors remain open, that Ukraine will become a member of the Alliance and that Russia has no veto power," he said at the meeting of NATO eastern flanks.

Talks in the Slovak capital are taking place ahead of the Pact summit next month in Vilnius. Stoltenberg said "extremely important" decisions would be taken at it.

Stoltenberg: Russia has no veto power over NATO enlargement


"The Russian attack on key Ukrainian civilian infrastructure has reached an unprecedented level. The EU condemns this attack in the strongest terms. It is a new dimension of Russian atrocities and may constitute a violation of international law, in particular international humanitarian law."

EU: Russian attacks on civilian infrastructure reach unprecedented level


Nova Kakhovka was flooded after the dam destroyed at a nearby hydroelectric plant, Russian and Ukrainian officials said. Ukrainian hydro engineers expect dam waters to flood nearly 100 settlements.

See the scale of the disaster after the explosion of the Nova Kakhovka dam


For the first time, Wagner chief Yevgeny Prigozhin said the Russian army deliberately used lethal force against Wagner units.

"After a dispute, Wagner fighters may have detained a Russian brigade commander," the statement said.

Fighting in Ukraine has intensified "significantly" in the past two days.