Ukrainian interviewer Ramina Eshakzai almost did not get in touch with her fans for several days.

And all because of the fact that she went to our military on the front line. As Ramina said on her Instagram, she managed to spend these days very productively.

To her story about her trip to Donbas, Ramina added a photo in which she poses against the background of a Ukrainian tank.

Ramina Eshakzai / Photo:

The journalist not only talked to the soldiers, but also experienced some of the nuances of their difficult life during the war.

"While I was not on the Internet, I managed to visit the positions where the 3rd Separate Assault Brigade destroyed the 72nd brigade of the Russian Federation, lay in a trench with the remnants of the p***th p**ra, learned how the Orlan can, sat in the cockpit of a tanker, learned about the nuances of artillery work, looked at the workplaces of our combat medics, hunted tanks with aerial reconnaissance, filmed a story about Chasiv Yar, learned about the technical characteristics of the tanks "Leopard" and "Abrams" and that on Soviet tanks it is necessary to completely change the engine by 3000 km. In total, I drove 2500 km in three days, walked 45.000 steps, slept a total of 6 hours. In general, it's an ordinary weekend," Ramina told about her adventures.

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