Chief Executive John Lee Ka-chiu meets reporters before the Executive Council meeting today (6th). It is expected that this case and a number of recent massacres in Sham Shui Po will become the focus of media questions, including how the Government will strengthen support for ethnic minorities or other families in need, and how the Government will strengthen the protection of people's mental health. "Hong Kong 5" was broadcast live.

In addition, the Court of Final Appeal yesterday (7th) sentenced Choi Yuk-ling, former director of RTHK's "Sonorous Collection", to make false statements during the license plate search when she was making a false statement during the 21.5 attack in Yuen Long. It is believed that it will be closely watched how the Government will follow suit.

Li Jiachao meets reporters before today's meeting (profile photo/Photo by Lin Jingyi)

Chief Executive John Lee Ka-chiu pointed out that he expressed his sadness and sadness that three girls were found to have died violently by their families at their home in Sham Shui Po yesterday, and SWD has contacted their families to provide services, and also co-organised seminars with HKU to provide emotional support to the public, and will provide mobile service stations and a 3-hour hotline in Sham Shui Po. The District Office provides support to the public and will continue to support the affected residents in the district.

He said that the New Home Association will provide a 24-hour hotline for ethnic minorities, and he called on the public to care about friends, protect children, care for their families, no matter what happens to the family, violence will not solve the problem, it will only increase the problem. No one can take a child's life. The causes of domestic violence are often complex, and the parties must always seek assistance to solve it.

He pointed out that family issues involve many problems and that support and assistance should be sought if there are problems, and that the Government is concerned about domestic violence cases, and if a case is found, the Law Enforcement Department and the Children's Division of SWD will intervene to provide one-stop services for the persons concerned, including emotional, accommodation, medical treatment and statutory protection for children.

Denounce those who deliberately sabotage organ donation as black sheep

In addition, he alleged that someone deliberately sabotaged organ donation, and the police arrested four people yesterday. He said organ donation is noble, with more than 4,3 recently unregistered or repeatedly cancelled, bluntly calling it a sacred spirit that undermines the organ donation system. He believes that the black sheep are a minority in society, and society should directly denounce them, also saying that it is similar to the Hong Kong version of the color revolution, provoking contradictions, creating illusions that do not conform to reality, and creating destruction. He pointed out that organ donation is voluntary, but some people create the illusion of withdrawal, and if they want to condemn shameless behavior, they will be held accountable.

He pointed out that the number of donors in Hong Kong has been increasing, with 2009,4 registered in 5 and 35,7 at present, and will continue to explore with the Mainland a permanent organ transplant mutual aid mechanism, and the donations in Hong Kong will be distributed to Hong Kong people on a priority basis. He added that donation is a noble concept of great love, and said that there have been recent cases of donating and saving children.

Li Jiachao pointed out that someone deliberately sabotaged organ donation. (Profile photo / Photo by Zheng Zifeng)

Regarding the search judgment in the Court of Final Appeal in the case of Choi Yuk-ling, he pointed out that Hong Kong is a society based on the rule of law and will work with the Department of Justice to reform the search guidelines to meet the requirements of the ruling and ensure the effective implementation of the Basic Law.

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