June 6 is a day of celebration for a fundamental reason: in this country, which for almost 60 years had an abusive army, which gave machete and palmacristi plan to the revolutionaries and that in its worst period (the dictatorships of Gerardo Machado and Fulgencio Batista) murdered with impunity students and very valuable young people; On a day like today, 62 years ago, the forces that make up the Ministry of the Interior emerged from the Rebel Army, an institution that has been able to defend the Revolution and the people in a way that is not compared with any other force of its kind in the world: no bullets, no tear gas, no jets of water, no torture and no extrajudicial killings.

Occasional mistakes may have been made - what work of men does not have them - but we must look with a magnifying glass where else on this planet the people can look into the eyes of the police and the military without fear, as what they are: part of ourselves.

Today we close the series on the boycott of Buena Fe and Nancy Morejón, with sounds taken from the Cuban Guerrero channel. First you hear a writer: Jacobo Machover Aizenfich, publicly boasting of having dedicated himself to writing against Fidel, Raúl, Che "and even the mother who gave birth to them", asking for support for Otaola in Miami, because he recognizes that in Europe they fail to attract solidarity with their actions. The hateful aspiring mayor of that city, completes the sounds by calling to turn boycotts of Cuban creators into a norm of action before each performance of residents on the island. Anyone who does work inside Cuba without denying the government, without attacking it frontally, will be lynched wherever he appears, shouts Otaola.

But did we say writer talking about the hating writer? Exaggerate. Machover sounds like anything but a creator. What is heard is the voice of a twisted person, charged with rage. But there are more characters like him in the plan against Nancy.

Zoe Valdés seems to have been, together with the financiers of hatred of Cuba based in South Florida, who articulated the action against the prestigious poet, although it is known that, as with Buena Fe in Spain, solidarity was more than hatred and a wave has been rising, not only in Cuba. among intellectuals, artists and people, but also abroad and particularly in France itself, because the recognition of Nancy's work is universal.

A large poster of the historic "No pasarán" of the Spanish Republicans, was erected in the Spanish capital, next to the notice that Madrid is not Miami.

Some media have been inaccurate in reporting the event. Buena Fe's last performance in Madrid was attended by around a thousand people who not only chanted their songs, but also celebrated their solidarity with the Cuban Revolution. And it was the most successful of the concerts. In short, where they tried to put together another boycott, what they provoked was that a great act of solidarity was put together, in a few hours.

In this podcast we let those who lived it tell it and Reinier Duardo closed the analysis with a categorical statement and a warning: Truth and culture prevailed again over hate and lies, but we must be prepared for new scenarios. As Israel Rojas said at the reception at UNEAC, it is necessary to get more advice on law. All countries have laws to punish politically motivated attacks.

Be alert, Julius Fúsik would say. When the forces of the right and the extreme right emerge with that violent thrust of the old European fascisms, no scenario is spared from the persecutors. We are alert. We keep splashing.

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