Apasport, which continues to offer coupons to programmers, has signed a new record. Today, the "Payment" option for customers has updated the record for coupon proposal history in Apasport with a high rate of performance.

The five-game express made by an expert team on our site was 5.37. It has won the championships of Asian countries.

The forecast for two encounters in Vietnam and China and one in South Korea has been accurate. Even if one of these meetings is still ongoing, our guess before the first 45 minutes are over has proved itself.

To date, The Apasport, which has a record winning 11.45, has risen to more than 3 snow. Today's win has been even greater than the sum of a one-day win in most cases. This win has brought huge profits to our client with them.

"Suvon Siti" – "Ulsan Hyundai" – 1:3 (2)
"Hubei Istar" – "Nantonq Haimen" – 1:1 (X)
"Shaoxing Shangyu Pterosau" – "Hunan Billouz" – 4:2 (1)
Song Lam Nghe An - Ho Chi Minh City FC – 2:1, continues (2.5 Top)
"K. Khanh Hoa" – "Viettel FC" – 0:0 (X)