Ukrainian actress and announcer Kateryna Sergeyeva laughed with a parody of the singer-traitor Ani Lorak, who "admits" that she "attacked" Moscow with drones.

In the video, the "performer" complained that she wanted to help the Armed Forces in such a way that no one knew about it, because she still could not decide on her position: whether she supported the Ukraine or Russia. Instead, the drone had a sticker saying "Ani Lorak's revenge fund". In the parody, the "artist" laments that in this way they learned that she bought drones, and now she has a hard time.

"So I quietly donated them to drones to rehabilitate, and they made me such a reason and wrote 'Ani Lorak's Revenge Foundation' on the wing. I'm shocked! And so they flew all over Russia, and everyone read the "Ani Lorak Revenge Foundation". To this day, I cannot understand what my position is and who I am: a tree of love, a bush of betrayal or an unprincipled tumbleweed. And these drones saved me everything. They canceled all my concerts in Russia, I could not even sit on one chair," Sergeeva said in a parody.

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It should be noted that on May 30, the capital of the aggressor country of Russia was attacked by drones. A photo immediately spread on the Web, where the drone had a sticker "fund posts Ani Lorak". Thus, users using Photoshop mocked the traitor so that she had a hard time living in the Russian Federation. On this topic, a lot of memes and jokes have already appeared on the Web, how Lorak "helps" the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Meanwhile, the traitor singer herself is trying to whitewash her reputation in Russia. When the aggressor country cynically fired at Kyiv on Children's Day, Lorak made a cynical statement.

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