The zoo "Fairy Oak Grove", located in the temporarily occupied Nova Kakhovka, is completely flooded. All animals died.

This information was confirmed by the charity organization UAnimals with reference to an unnamed zoo employee.

"The zoo is completely flooded and only swans and ducks could escape," the organization said.

The person who confirmed the death of the animals said: "We did our best to keep the zoo under occupation. Now it no longer exists."

Photo: Facebook / "Fairy Dibrova" Novaya Kakhovka

Photo: Facebook / "Fairy Dibrova" Novaya Kakhovka

Photo: Facebook / "Fairy Dibrova" Novaya Kakhovka

Recall that the Russian occupiers on the night of June 6 committed a terrorist attack and blew up the Kakhovka hydroelectric station. Due to the threat of flooding, a number of villages in the Kherson region are being evacuated, the President of Ukraine is assembling the National Security and Defense Council, and experts warn of severe environmental consequences. conducts an online text broadcast and reports on all events around the terrorist act of Russians.

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