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A 54-year-old tourist fell from a 100-metre cliff and survived. The incident occurred in the late afternoon on Sunday near the Black-eyed village of Zhenda.

The tourist was part of a group from Dimitrovgrad, which looked at rock cuts in the rocks around the village.

The 54-year-old probably tried to take a picture of the high cliff, but slipped and flew into the abyss.

The other tourists sought help on the emergency phone. 112. An ambulance and a fire brigade were dispatched to the scene of the incident.

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Rescuers carried the victim from the hard-to-reach place where he had fallen. The Dimitrovgrad citizen was given first aid, after which he was transported by ambulance to the Kardzhali hospital, where he was placed for treatment.

Forensic experts have inspected the scene of the accident, and pre-trial proceedings are underway in the case.