The Plenum of the Supreme Judicial Council decides today whether the second request for early termination of the mandate of the Prosecutor General is justified.

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The attempted assassination attempt against Ivan Geshev and his requested resignation 349

It is proposed by four representatives of the Prosecutor's College and is due to violation of the ethical norms of the Bulgarian magistrate. According to the importers, the expression "political garbage" used by Ivan Geshev Ivan Stoimenov Geshevwas born on December 19, 1970. He graduated from law school in his public appearances, is inadmissible. Geshev himself claims that this Supreme Judicial Council cannot decide whether to dismiss him because he has expired his mandate.

Lawyer: The procedure for early removal of Geshev may be postponed

The Assassination Attempt on Ivan Geshev and His Demanded Resignation

Ivan Geshev


Demand for resignation