Fighters of the Russian Volunteer Corps control the village of Novaya Tavolzhanka, Shebekinsky district, Belgorod region.

RDK recorded a video to confirm that there are no representatives of Putin's regime in the village now. The volunteers stressed that only their military are now in the settlement – there is no other authority there.

"The new Tavolzhanka, as before, is not interested in either regional or federal authorities. The only authority in the village is made up of RDK forces. The fate of Russia outside the Moscow Ring Road does not concern those who live within the Garden Ring, Barvikha, New Riga or Rublyovka (elite districts of Moscow – ed.), and local authorities have long had no control over the situation. So we act," reads the video's caption.

In the footage, the volunteers explained that Nova Tavolzhanka is not some remote abandoned village, but a settlement with a population of about 5 thousand people. People.

"Now the settlement is empty – only fighters of the Russian Volunteer Corps are here. There is no other authority in this region. If Mr. Gladkov [governor of the Belgorod region] cannot control the territory entrusted to him, we will talk with his leadership in Moscow," said the commander of the Russian Volunteer Corps Denis Nikitin.

New Tavolzhanka on the map / Photo: Google Maps

Governor Gladkov admitted that the Russian authorities do not control Novaya Tavolzhanka. According to him, there may be about 100 civilians in the village, but due to shelling, local authorities cannot evacuate them.

"Today we cannot enter there yet. About 100 people were there according to the report of the head of the district, but the shelling of the last two days does not allow us to clarify the information. I hope that as the situation changes, we will be able to convince people to leave the settlement," Gladkov said.

Earlier it was reported that in Nova Tavolzhanka was killed senior operational group Belgorod Colonel Andrei Stesev.

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