In September this year, the Development Bureau will reclaim 9 hectares of land at Fanling Golf Course, of which 32.9 hectares are located on land of low ecological value in the north, for the construction of about 5,1 public housing units. Following the Environmental Protection Department's conditional approval of the environmental impact assessment report of the stadium last month, the Urban Planning Commission also held a public hearing on the project on the 2th of this month, inviting nearly 12,7 complainants to attend.

Kwok Wing-leung, president of the Hong Kong Golf Club, said today (5th) that the two major golf tournaments, the Asian Tour and LIV Golf, will send representatives to attend the public hearing, indicating that Fanling High Course is suitable for use as an event. Kwok also expressed the hope that the promising HKSAR Government would make a bold decision to reserve the site and find another land for the construction of houses.

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Vice President: Outside the venue is a traffic black spot and adjacent to the North District Hospital It is possible to aggravate the traffic problem

With the conditional approval of the EIA report, a public hearing will be arranged on the 12th of this month to deal with public representations and comments on the draft. The Hong Kong Golf Club held a media luncheon this afternoon, and arranged for reporters to visit the Fanling High Course to fight back against land acquisition and housing construction.

Lui Hing-yiu, vice president of the club, said that the Fanling High Course has recently been opened for public use from Monday to Friday, but admitted that the publicity was insufficient and the outside world did not know. He stressed that he supported the government in finding land to build houses, but the traffic black spot outside the Fanling High Course and the proximity to the North District Hospital would aggravate the traffic problem if 9,<> people were built, and he believed that the government was looking for another site to consider for <> hectares to build houses, rather than "destroying" the stadium land. It also refers to the old field land as a logistical support, which is very important for the event.

He criticized the EIA report for being "the part of the government" from a technical point of view, hoping that through the public hearing process of the Urban Planning Council, there would be a platform for the public to express their opinions.

The president urges another site to build a house and is seeking to bid for the Middle East professional tournament

Chairman Kwok Wing-leung pointed out that the previous government decided to reclaim the golf court land in the land debate, but due to the impact of the epidemic, the decision at that time was no longer appropriate, and the current government should have a bold mind to make a decision and find another site to build a house, and he stressed that it has always supported the government's policy.

Kwok pointed out that the Asian Tour and LIV Golf took the initiative to express to the club that they were willing to send representatives to attend the public hearing, expressing that Fanling Golf Course is suitable for hosting international golf tournaments and opposing the government's repossession of part of the land.

He also said that "LIV Golf" is a professional tournament funded by Saudi Arabia, and Hong Kong should also strive to become one of the 14 stops per year to attract business tourists from the Middle East, and the HKSAR Government should seize the opportunity to organise conferences to attract investment from the Middle East business community.

He said that the club is striving to become one of the cities to host the tournament, admitting that he is confident and has learned that Hong Kong is the list of favorites for the organizers.

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