It was hard to believe a year ago, because the Kremlin always talked about some mythical "red lines", after crossing which Putin will almost use nuclear weapons. And now this is a reality.

Fighters of the "Russian Volunteer Corps" and the "Freedom of Russia" Legion continue to take captive Russian soldiers after on Sunday, June 4, the governor of the Belgorod region, Vyacheslav Gladkov, did not appear for a meeting with the RDK, although he had previously agreed to pick up captured Putin's soldiers, who were handed over to the Ukrainian side for exchange. At the same time, Russian propaganda says that Putin is aware of everything that is happening, taking into account, as they say, the "trench truth." However, in reality, everything is completely different. analyzed how the Kremlin and Russian propaganda react to the fact that the war has come to the territory of the Russian Federation, and what Putin can prepare for, given the possibility of announcing a "second" wave of mobilization, which in fact did not stop.

The war has come, Moscow is preparing: Putin is thinking how to respond

While Russian propaganda says that Putin personally controls all processes and almost directs the evacuation of people from the Belgorod region, the parents of the evacuated children from Shebekino complain about the terrible conditions of the boarding school in Kaluga, where they were relocated. Photos of Russian realities are really impressive, and according to parents, plaster constantly falls from the ceiling on a plate of food.

While Putin awards Mayor Shebekino with the Order of Courage, the reality is that all local authorities, along with security forces, simply fled this city, where looting is already rampant, and locals launched a flash mob on social networks with the hashtag "Shebekino is Russia" in order to somehow attract Moscow's attention. Some even wrote that they had been forgotten and their city had been "erased from the map of Russia." The governor of the Belgorod region, Gladkov, who yesterday threatened to seize Kharkiv, already today says that there is not enough money to restore the damaged areas. Well, the center, obviously, is not going to help. "There is no money, but you hold on," as the madman Dmitry Medvedev once said.

In the few reports from Belgorod, where refugees from Shebekino were housed in the stadium, people comment that "they were not protected." The lion's share of aid comes from volunteers. And on social networks they collect everything: things, baby food, pet food and even toilet paper. Others were housed in old dormitories with cockroaches, and students were thrown outside. However, commenting on their appalling conditions in Belgorod, some even defended the government, saying that it was "not guilty, and the military knows what they are doing."

It seems that Moscow has already come to terms with the fact that the Belgorod region has become a battlefield. But Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman for the Kremlin's Fuhrer, continues to say that along with official reports in folders brought to Putin, he regularly calls military commanders and receives information directly from the battlefield. But the media, on the contrary, write that Putin has stopped reporting bad news because he reacts to it extremely irritatedly, saying that these speakers are under Western influence.

Russian propaganda presents almost as a victory, that Putin reacted almost instantly to the events in the Belgorod region, as well as to the drone attack on Moscow. Indeed, almost as instantly as at one time in the disaster with the nuclear-powered submarine missile cruiser "Kursk", without appearing for several days in public. And when he finally came out, he said, "She drowned." Another Russian propagandist Solovyov frankly says on his talk show that conscripts were driven to the Belgorod region. That is, the regular army is no longer enough to cover its own Russian territory, especially on the eve of a large-scale Ukrainian counteroffensive.

Another equally well-known propagandist Kiselyov argues that Putin's response to all these events will definitely happen, he just needs time to think. I wonder if he was informed about how DPS officers in the Belgorod region opened fire on a car with Russian mobilized soldiers, because they confused who is who?

According to analysts at the American Institute for the Study of War, the Kremlin simply does not know how to respond to raids by the Russian Volunteer Corps and the Freedom of Russia Legion in the Belgorod region, which cause chaos and criticism of Moscow in the Russian information space. While the Kremlin "Führer" thinks, and the Russian Ministry of Defense reports that it has repelled all the attacks of "saboteurs", the RDK continues to control Novaya Tavolzhanka. At this, sooner or later, Moscow will have to transfer its forces from the front to the regions bordering Ukraine in order to stabilize the situation. And this will certainly weaken the enemy's resistance forces in some areas, which will help the defense forces of Ukraine during the counteroffensive.

The "second" wave of mobilization: from "get up a huge country" to failure

In the meantime, the Belgorod region is apparently preparing for a referendum on the creation of the BNR, CNN, citing American intelligence, writes that Ukraine has created its own network of well-trained agents for sabotage, providing them with UAVs of their own production via smuggling routes. Washington believes that with the help of pro-Ukrainian agents in Russia, a drone attack on the Kremlin in early May could have been carried out from Russian territory. At the same time, the United States does not know whether the drone attack on Moscow last week, as well as the strike on Russian refineries in the south, were also carried out from the territory of the Russian Federation.

Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley believes that the Ukrainian military is very well prepared for the counteroffensive. And according to US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, this will be a successful operation that will allow Ukraine to return strategically important territories. Actually, we can assume that today's events on the territory of the Russian Federation itself are already a preparatory stage of the Ukrainian counteroffensive. As well as the case of Putin's alarming "address", which was broadcast on Monday, June 5, on radio and TV in the Rostov, Belgorod and Voronezh regions, where he announced the alleged invasion of the Armed Forces and NATO, calling on Russians to evacuate inland.

Peskov hastily stated that this was a hack of the network and a fake. However, this once again clearly demonstrates the managerial chaos that currently reigns in Russia. There are many other examples of internal Russian disorder that have come to the surface these days.

Firstly, it is an information block covering any activity of the war criminal and leader of PMC "Wagner" Yevgeny Prigozhin on Russian federal channels. Instead, Russian propaganda actively promotes Kadyrov, who offers to send his tik-tok troops to the Belgorod region.

Secondly, the Russian Ministry of Defense does not comment in any way on the shelling of the "Wagnerites" by regular Russian military personnel when they were leaving Bakhmut. At the same time, the Russian army mined the ways for retreat and did not allow demining, and PMC "Wagner" militants captured a lieutenant colonel of the Russian army.

Thirdly, fermentation began in United Russia. First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on CIS Affairs Konstantin Zatulin may be dismissed from office and even expelled from the faction for his statement that none of the goals of the war against Ukraine has been achieved. analyzed in detail how Russian propaganda covered the drone attack on Moscow and the beginning of hostilities in the Belgorod region. In contrast to the UAV attack directly on the Kremlin in early May, Moscow has now decided to apparently adopt these events, trying to urge "Rise huge country!" Moreover, they even admit that the defense forces of Ukraine can reach Moscow. That is, Russian slaves are being prepared for war within Russia itself.

Perhaps Putin needs this to justify the announcement of another wave of mobilization in Russia, as Estonian intelligence warns, because the recruitment of volunteers and contract soldiers did not yield results. However, it turns out somehow sluggish against the background of cries on the air from Solovyov that Moscow is being bombed for the first time since World War II, so we must finally hit Ukraine with tactical nuclear weapons and destroy all bridges across the Dnieper. And on Monday, June 5, Russian publics began to disperse information that the so-called "second" wave of mobilization is not planned. Perhaps Putin will limit himself to the dismissal of Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, as has long been discussed. However, the reaction of the Kremlin "Fuhrer" to the transfer of the war to the territory of the Russian Federation, that the dismissal of the Minister of Defense is possible - these are the worst possible options for Putin today, which suffer huge reputational losses in his environment.