In May, Russia fired more than 300 Iranian kamikaze Shahed drones at Ukraine. This is the most intensive use of this weapons system so far, the Ministry of Defence of the United Kingdom said, citing British intelligence data, quoted by the UNIAN news agency.

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British intelligence suggests that Russia is firing so many drones in an attempt to exhaust the stockpile of valuable air defense missiles of Ukraine.

Russia has hardly achieved much success: Ukraine has destroyed at least 90% of its attacking drones, mainly using its old and cheaper means of air defense and electronic warfare, British intelligence noted.

Ukraine and Russia report new missile and drone attacks, as well as explosions and damage

According to him, Russia was probably trying to establish the location of Ukrainian troops far behind the front line and strike them.

However, Russia remains quite ineffective in hitting such dynamic targets over long distances due to imprecise targeting processes, British intelligence added.

In May, Russian forces resorted to near-daily shelling of Ukraine's rear regions. In particular, one of the main Russian targets became the Ukrainian capital Kiev, which almost every night was hit by various weapons, including kamikaze Shahed drones, cruise missiles and Iskander and Dagger ballistic missiles.

Thanks to the successful use of air defense systems in Kiev, there was not a single direct hit of Russian weapons, and all the damage was the result of falling debris.

Russian invasion of Ukraine