The AzerGold Door Health Society (GSC) and the Association for Regional Development (RIB) organized an ecological action and training program entitled "Protect Nature, Not Plastic Waste!" dedicated to World Environmental Protection Day on June 5.

"APA-Economics" reports that during the action, colleagues of the Health Society, along with RIB volunteers, carried out cleanups in a section of the village of Gushu in Tashkent, one of the largest water basins in the Ghana-Daskatchewan economic district.

Nearly two hectares of forest area along the banks of the river have been cleared of plastic, polyethylene, metal, glass, paper, cardboard, and other ingredients. Collected waste has been diversified and recycled.

The main objective of the action is to educate the public about the damage caused to the bioresources of the watershed, particularly domestic waste dumped. In particular, AzerGold has been trained in ecological education by experts from the GSC and the RIB. The training framework included talks on promoting recycling, preventing pollution, and contributing to the conservation of nature and the maintenance of ecological balance by giving waste a second life.

It should be noted that World Environmental Protection Day, founded in 1972 by the United Nations General Assembly to focus on ecological problems, was dedicated to "Plastic Pollution Solutions" this year. Each year, on the eve of this landmark day, AzerGold, with the support of the GSC, the Regional Development Society and other partner organizations, is implementing joint measures to contribute to the conservation of the environment and biological diversity.