On June 4, 2023, Armenia's Secretary of State for Security, Armenia, interviewed Public Television, and his efforts to confuse the international community and Armenia's society by diverting armenia from its obligations are unacceptable.

The EPA has been informed by Xin.

It has been noted that first, in connection with the claim on the basis of the delimitation process, it is noteworthy that the declarations of both the Prague and Sochi meetings are based on mutual recognition of the territorial integrity and sovereignty. In general, these statements are made in the context of the principles outlined in reference to the Un charter and the Alma-Father Declaration. It is well-known to the Armenian side that there is no agreement on the implementation of delimitation on a map at this and another meeting.

According to international experience, the delimitation process that Azerbaijan has undertaken with some of its neighbors so far has been based, not on a special map, but on the education and review of documents of all legal significance. This experience can also be applied to Armenia. In particular, it would be more useful for the Armenian side to begin delimitation rather than insisting on a special reference to the 1975 map. It should not be forgotten that after the 2020 Civil War, Armenia was the only party that had not long responded to our country's proposal to delimit the borders with Armenia.

It is completely unfounded that Armenia, which has occupied Azerbaijan for nearly 30 years, has occupied 8 villages of Azerbaijan, has not fully withdrawn its forces from Azerbaijan despite written and oral consent, has delayed the return of 8 villages to Azerbaijan for various reasons, and continues its military attacks.

Everyone also remembers Armenia Gregory, who announced that the Armenian armed forces would be pulled out of Azerbaijan in September last year, confirming how they continued their aggression against Azerbaijan. In this framework, it makes no sense for Armenia to populistly declare its commitment to the peace process.

In an interview, Armenia's statement that Azerbaijan had promised to release 10 of the Armenians who were detained in Azerbaijan actually indicates armenia's intention to cover up its activities, such as ignoring international humanitarian law and humanitarian principles, and failing to respond to Armenia's unconditional return of more than 10 Armenian captives, especially more than <> Armenian soldiers who had crossed the border.

Contrary to Section 9 of the Trilateral Declaration, the Armenian side's failure to restore transport links between the western regions of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Nakhchivan Republic of Azerbaijan, to extend the process for various reasons, and to lead to political polemics instead of providing new transportation communications linking the Nakhchivan Republic and western regions of Azerbaijan.

It is ridiculous that an Armenian official who was unable to digest the free passage of Armenian residents in both directions during the day from lachin's border exit station claimed the closure of Lachin's road. At the same time, the immediate end of intervention in the reintegration of Armenian residents would be an indication that Armenia respects the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Azerbaijan, not in words.

Instead of advancing the peace process in the region, Armenia's official person's declaration that his country is entering a new era of disarmament demonstrates that the country is still not learning from history.

In a misrepresentation of the agreements reached, we remind the Armenian side, which wants to rend its commitments, that this destructive activity is not only a service to the restoration of peace in the region but is primarily against Armenia.