Almost throughout Ukraine, an emergency level of fire danger was declared on June 5-8.

It is reported by Ukrhydrometeorological Center.

"On June 5-8, an extraordinary level of fire danger will prevail in the northern, most western, central, southern and Kharkiv regions. Be careful in handling fire outdoors! Take care of our ecosystems!", - warn meteorologists.

Adverse conditions are also expected in the Kiev region during June 6-8.

An emergency level of danger has been declared in a number of regions of Ukraine / Photo: Ukrhydrometeorological Center

Weather forecast for June 6

According to the Ukrhydrometeorological Center, rains and thunderstorms are expected in some regions of Ukraine on June 6, but it will be hot. The columns will rise to +24 – 26 degrees.In the east in the afternoon it is expected from +20 to +24 degrees. The warmest will be in the northern, southern and central regions: from +23 to +26 degrees.

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