In the UK, 21-year-old Georgia Bilham is on trial, posing as a man to have sex with a 19-year-old girl. She is accused of 17 sexual offences.

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Georgia Bilham is accused of using the alias "George Parry," which she claimed was a gang member, to implicate a 19-year-old girl in a fake relationship. Bilham is being tried on charges of 17 sexual offences, including sexual assault and penetration violence.

Initially, the couple exchanged messages online and eventually they met. Their relationship became sexual, and all the while, the victim allegedly believed that George was a boy.

Georgia, who pretended George for sex. / Photo:

Now the prosecution alleges that the victim consented to have sex with George, not Georgia. And that's why the suspect is being tried.

The British woman is accused of inventing the character "George Parry", allegedly from Birmingham, who was associated with Albanian criminal gangs in order to "establish a connection" with the alleged victim.

Until May 2021, the couple spent a lot of time together, and George drove after the woman in his car. The victim was myopic and "practically blind" without the glasses that George took off when they were together, so most of the time she could not see him clearly.

Prosecutors at the trial said the couple continued to date, but the woman was "disappointed" because George did not want to be touched intimately and often "found excuses."

Subsequently, the victim's mother met her "boyfriend". She suspected that her daughter's lover was impersonating someone else. Then the woman was exposed. She apologized to the "beloved" for the deception.

Bilham denies all 17 charges, and the trial continues.

Recall that this is not the first case. Blade Silvano, 40, who pretended to be a man for sex with another woman, is also on trial in Britain.

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