The woman started getting a tattoo after losing her leg as a child.

Now 32-year-old Lisa Scheer is covered in tattoos from head to toe, has a bunch of piercings and even a forked tongue, writes

She applied her first ink to celebrate her victory over cancer that struck one of her legs. She was 12 at the time.

"I had bone cancer as a child and I had to amputate my right leg," Lisa said. After my illness, at 14, I joined the punk scene, got my first piercings and first tattoo."

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Lisa describes herself as a tattoo artist and model on Instagram where she has over 35k followers. Now she can walk with a prosthetic leg.

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She sees her body "as a book about life, showing memories, thoughts, feelings and motivations."

"Of course, I'm used to people looking at me. But also about my appearance, I am often positively perceived. If I ever have children, I will explain to them that tattoos are my way of expressing myself," Lisa added.

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