A young mother from Wirral, UK, has been given a devastating diagnosis, which happens at a rate of one in a million, after she sits on the toilet and her knee broke.

Writes about it mirror.co.uk.

Bethany Eason, 26, suffered after climbing the stairs to her bedroom, so she decided to sit on the toilet to rest, and her knee bones were "terribly broken."

After she was rushed to hospital, a biopsy confirmed that the spontaneous fracture was caused by a giant cell tumor of her knee. This weakened the bones and surrounding soft tissue.

The woman had to have her knee and femurs removed and replaced.

Bethany Eason / Photo: mirror.co.uk

She was told that she would never be able to regain full mobility, but after seven weeks of intensive physical therapy and almost a year of strengthening and home exercise, Bethany managed to fully restore mobility.

Now, she urges people to take symptoms such as body pain seriously.

The pain, which can be a symptom of giant cell tumors, mainly occurs in the long bones of the arms and legs, grows rapidly and damages the affected bone, and potentially spreads to nearby soft tissue.

Speaking about her diagnosis, Bethany said: "I was heartbroken – I used to dance, run and swim and thought I would never be able to do it again. At the time, I was told when I had surgery that 99% of patients would not have full mobility after surgery. I said, "Okay, 1% can, and I can be that 1% and prove you're wrong." And I did. I was told I couldn't wear heels anymore, and I thought, "No one should tell me I can't wear heels."

Bethany first began noticing knee pain when she was 19 years old. Then she did not pay attention to it. And when the pain continued to intensify, she visited her therapist, who referred her for an X-ray and physical therapy. After X-rays, she was told that there was something there, but the doctors did not know what was the matter.

However, after returning from college, Bethany says that on February 26, 2017, she experienced severe pain as she went upstairs to get to her bedroom.

She sat on the toilet seat to rest, and her knee broke.

Bethany had to replace her knee and femurs. / Photo: mirror.co.uk

Bethany now says she undergoes scans and check-ups every year and wants to encourage others to get tested if they feel something is wrong, adding: "I had intermittent knee pain, but at 19 I thought everything would be okay. It's very important to raise awareness of rare tumors, you wouldn't think knee pain could be something like that."

According to the Bone Cancer Research Trust, giant bone cell tumors account for approximately 4-5% of all tumors that start in bones and occur in about 1 person per million per year.

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