A resident of Glasgow, Scotland, became a mother for the first time at the age of 53.

It is reported by dailyrecord.co.uk.

The woman survived 21 failed in vitro fertilization worth nearly $124,500 before she became pregnant with her daughter, Daisy Grace.

After 25 years of trying, Helen Dalglish finally became a mom in September 2022.

Helen Dalglish with her daughter / Photo: dailyrecord.co.uk

Dalglish, who first started trying to conceive at 28, admitted she began to lose hope after so many years of trying.

"When you get this little miracle at the end, you forget about 25 years. Even now, looking at her, I can't believe I'm a mom. It's surreal," the new mom said.

Helen was living in Cyprus with her husband when she first started trying to conceive a child at the age of 28. However, they eventually returned to Scotland when the couple was diagnosed with "unexplained infertility", despite the fact that tests showed no complications.

They passed the first stage of IVF free of charge through the National Health System of Great Britain. When that failed, they threw away all their savings to fight infertility.

During this time, the consultant ran several more tests and found that embryo transfer did not work because Dalglish had a strongly tilted uterus. She continued to be treated - even tried donor eggs - and survived three horrific miscarriages.

As emotionally, physically, and financially as it was exhausting, Dalglish says she knew she was destined to become a mother.

"What encouraged me was that I just kept seeing this baby. Every attempt that fails is absolutely devastating. It's like death," she continued. "I would drop down for a few weeks, but then I pulled myself together and say, 'Okay, if you want this baby, gather your spirit.'

It wasn't until Dalglish and her current partner returned to Cyprus that she finally saw a positive pregnancy test.

Dalglish during pregnancy / Photo: dailyrecord.co.uk

After their second attempt with a new clinic, she was able to carry the child to full term.

"I wasn't going to have the last treatment," she admitted. "My father was seriously ill at home in Scotland and died."

However, at the request of the grieving mother, Dalglish stayed and underwent another treatment.

"Before she died, her dad said to her, 'What can I send you from heaven?' and she said, 'Please send a baby,'" Dalglish recalls.

Helen with her mother and daughter / Photo: dailyrecord.co.uk

When they received news of a positive pregnancy test, the young mother said she and her partner burst into tears.

Although it was a difficult pregnancy, the young mother developed diabetes and pre-eclampsia, she was sure that she would meet her baby girl.

In September, she gave birth to Daisy Grace.

A woman has been trying to get pregnant for 25 years / Photo: dailyrecord.co.uk

"This is absolute paradise. She seems to be the most calm, relaxed, happy child. It's like I've been waiting for so long, and now I've been spoiled," she added.

Recall, the American mother was stunned by the considerable height of her little daughter. At 1.5 years old, she is taller than her 3-year-old sister.

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