We are not talking about the opening of the beach season in Odessa, but there will be separate areas for recreation, equipped in accordance with all safety rules.

This was told by Serhiy Bratchuk, chairman of the Public Council at the Odesa Regional Administration, on the air of a telethon.

"We cannot say that the beach season has been announced or opened. We are talking more about the holiday season. As for the opening of beaches, an order is currently in force, which is a joint regional military administration and the operational-strategic group of troops "Danube". The order was signed on May 24. The point is that tenants applying for the opening of possible sites for beach holidays and swimming in the sea must complete a number of measures by June 5, today or tomorrow these works should be completed," he said.

Bratchuk stressed that they must check the quality of the work performed. After that, the commission will submit its protocols to the regional military administration and to the military command.

"Then, I hope, and maybe not, in view of security, a corresponding order of the OVA and our military has been signed that, perhaps, some separate sections of the beaches will be opened. The most important thing is safety, and given this number one point, everything will be evaluated. Let's see, there is quite a bit left to wait," Bratchuk summed up.

Recall that on the beaches of Odessa, despite the ban of the military administration, sunbathing and swimming vacationers. Visitors are not even stopped by the fact that there are warning signs along the coastline "beware, mines".

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