Bread is a fertilizer for plants, primarily due to the fact that during its baking yeast is used - a well-known folk remedy to increase the yield of garden crops. Yeast fungi stimulate the development of soil bacteria that process inorganic substances in the soil into a form accessible to plants. In addition to a variety of biologically active substances, bread also contains a complex of useful trace elements.

Bread top dressing is especially useful at the beginning of plant development, it contributes to the rapid growth of the root system and the aerial parts of the plant Top dressing with bread significantly reduces the level of stress from transplanting. In adult plants, it is useful in that it increases the number of ovaries, improves their quality, accelerates the yield. Such feeding enhances the immunity of plants, reduces their dependence on the vagaries of the weather.

For the preparation of fertilizer, you can use any bread, but rye is considered healthier. Crackers, expired bread are used for fertilizer, moldy bread is also possible.

How to cook and use bread dressing

In order to prepare bread fertilizer, you need to fill 2/3 of the capacity with bread, pour warm water, cover with a lid with a wick and keep warm for one and a half to two weeks. Then the infusion is filtered and diluted with water in a ratio of 1 to 8-10. The capacity for fertilizer preparation should be large, due to the fact that foam is released during fermentation.

Top dressing with bread can be combined with fertilizing with mowed herbs (any, but nettle is of the greatest value). To do this, just half of the crackers are replaced with grass, everything else is done in the same way.

In order not to make two separate dressings, crackers can be combined with ash. The recipe is as follows - take 100 g of crackers and a glass of sifted ash for a bucket of water. Hermetically close the bucket, it is recommended even to tighten with plastic wrap, keep for a week in a dark place. Then filter and dilute five times.

Recommendations for the use of bread fertilizer

To feed was more effective, experts advise:

  • simultaneously with bread, fertilize cucumbers and tomatoes with wood ash,
  • in no case do not increase the recommended dose,
  • prepare infusions from pre-dried bread, do not neglect pieces with mold,
  • do not apply fertilizers based on mullein or litter simultaneously with bread,
  • use strained infusions, use cake for compost,
  • Top dressing is carried out in the evening, not in the heat

When is it better to feed tomatoes and cucumbers with bread

  • Cucumbers and tomatoes are best fed during flowering and the appearance of the first ovaries.
  • On a cucumber bush you need about half a liter of diluted infusion, on a bush of tomatoes - about a liter.
  • Top dressing is made only after watering. For a few minutes, watering with clean water is repeated, and after the soil dries, loosening is carried out.
  • Top dressing can be made every 10 days until autumn. Tomatoes are fed 2-3 times: with the appearance of the first flowers and with an interval of 7-10 days.

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