In Ukraine, the martial law regime continues, which provides for a ban on men aged 18 to 60 to leave the country. However, outside the checkpoints, men are trying to cross the border of the state border.

This was announced by Andriy Demchenko, spokesman of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.

According to him, at checkpoints, men, as a rule, try to use forged documents. In particular, documents from military registration and enlistment offices, which determine if they are not fit for military service.

"Or, as we often see, men forge documents about their children. For example, they do not have three children under the age of 18. However, they are trying to provide birth certificates at passport control that they allegedly have three children. Or, sadly, sometimes wife's death certificates are provided, as single parents are also allowed to cross the border. Therefore, all the documents that men provide for verification, under the conditions of crossing the border, allow you to cross the border. Our servicemen are checking in detail whether they have signs of fakes," he said.

What categories of men can cross the border in 2023

Deregistration for health reasons

Men who have been removed from military registration for health reasons can leave the territory of Ukraine. The basis for this will be a disability or a decision of a medical commission on unsuitability for military service.

Three or more children

Men who care for three or more children under the age of 18 can also travel abroad. It does not matter whether children are from the same marriage or from different women.

Temporarily unusable

Based on a certificate of disability or the conclusion of a military medical commission, you can obtain the status of temporary unsuitability for military service for up to six months.

Such citizens are allowed to travel outside Ukraine, but before that it is necessary to collect all the necessary documents confirming the status.


Men can leave Ukraine if they accompany a person with disabilities of group I or II, as well as if they go to care for sick parents, wife or children.


Military personnel also have the right to cross the border, but only in a few cases:

  • If a soldier is wounded and needs treatment or rehabilitation abroad.

This requires a referral for treatment abroad and a letter from the Ministry of Health stating that a foreign health care institution accepts a Ukrainian for treatment.

Drivers and volunteers

The border can be crossed by drivers of companies licensed for the international transportation of goods. Information about them must be entered into the information system of Ukrtransbezpeka.

Also, volunteer drivers who transport goods for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, medical supplies or humanitarian aid can travel abroad.

Railway workers and sailors

Railway workers, as well as seafarers working on international flights, are allowed to leave the territory of Ukraine.

Seafarers working on sea vessels, inland navigation vessels or training on ships can cross the border. To go abroad, this category of men needs to show the following documents:

  • employment contract
  • letter from the shipowner or operator about the intention to conclude a contract

Availability of permanent residence abroad

Men who permanently reside in another country and have the appropriate marks in their passports can go abroad.

But from January 2023, officials, officials, representatives of local authorities, MPs, prosecutors, etc. will not be able to go abroad. The relevant decision was made by the National Security and Defense Council. The basis for traveling abroad for such persons can only be a business trip.

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