The host of the program "Breakfast.Weekend" Valentina Hamaiko for the first time commented on the death of her husband's son, businessman Andriy Onistrat, Ostap in the war.

On her Instagram page, Hamaiko posted family photos where the whole family is depicted with Ostap How they all traveled together, how at the age of six Ostap ran his first start in Hamburg, and his family waited for him at the finish line and looked out in a crowd of children.

The presenter shared that in a month her husband's eldest son should have turned 22 years old, but he had already served in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for a year. Ostap went to war as a volunteer. The decision of his son was supported by Andrei Onistratus, and later he himself went to the front to defend Ukraine:

"This year was a year of reincarnation for him. We saw how he grew more courageous and matured with each arrival, how he became determined and learned to appreciate life every day. Andriy supported his son's decision from the first days... And then he left... The boys have been serving together for the past two months. Ostap died during a combat mission. In my heart will forever be his last visit... Just one evening, but it was special. All the children gathered together at their grandparents' house. They resembled a ball of kittens... all the time they talked about something, asked Ostap ... played and hugged," Hamaiko shared.

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Recall that on June 2, during the performance of a combat mission in the war, the 21-year-old son of Ukrainian banker and businessman Andriy Onistrat Ostap was killed. Onistrat is the husband of presenter Valentina Hamaiko. Ostap is his eldest son from a previous marriage. The guy defended Ukraine at the front in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for a year, and in a month he was supposed to be 22 years old.

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