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This Saturday the service was not affected by a deficit of generation capacity in the national electricity system. The UNE reported that this Sunday at 07:00 hours this Saturday the availability of the SEN was 2,650 MW and the demand of 2,000 MW, with the entire system with service.

During daylight hours, the UNE estimates that there are no effects on the service due to a deficit in generation capacity.

Unit 2 of the Felton CTE and the Mariel fuel engine site are out of service due to failure. Unit 8 of the CTE Mariel, unit 3 of the CTE Santa Cruz, unit 5 of the CTE Nuevitas and units 4 and 6 of the CTE Renté are under maintenance.

Limitations in thermal generation (333 MW) remain. In distributed generation, 1 055 MW are not available due to breakdown, and 160 MW in maintenance.

For the peak of this Sunday, the entry of two engines in mobile generation is expected, with 36 MW; unit 3 of the CTE Santa Cruz, with 75 MW, and unit 2 in Robustiano León (hydro), with 14 MW, in addition to the recovery of 50 MW of distributed generation engines that are outside by fuel.

With this forecast, an availability of 2 825 MW is expected for the peak hour and a maximum demand of 2 600 MW, for a reserve of 225 MW, so if the expected conditions are maintained, no effects are forecast at this time.