Leyanis Perez is the outdoor leader of the year. Photo: RFEA.

The Cuban triplist Leyanis Pérez achieved another victory during the tour of Cuban athletics in Europe and now won the International Meeting City of Lucca, an event on Italian soil where the island also climbed four other times to the podium.

For Cuba again the best performance was signed by her, owner of the first place with a good record of 14.65 m. The Oregon 2022 world finalist achieved her best time in the initial jump, and then linked an excellent sequence where she also reached 14.43 m, 14.58 m, 14.49 m and 14.59 m.

With this performance the West Indian maintains the Cuban women's triple jump without knowing the defeat in the competitions where some of our representatives took part. On the winter tour both she and Liadagmis Povea dominated all five events, while outdoors Leyanis has now taken first place in her two outings.

In this test the second place corresponded to the Ukrainian Olha Korsun (13.84 m), while the third place was occupied by the Romanian Ana Maria Ion (13.55 m).

Meanwhile, in the long jump Cuba took the podium with Maikel Vidal, Alejandro Parada and Aniel Molina. In this test Vidal took the crown thanks to a best jump of 7.92 m, just two centimeters from his annual maximum, although against him it appears that he barely managed a couple of valid jumps in his six attempts.

For his part, Alejandro Parada finished second with 7.85 m, also with only two satisfactory attempts, while Aniel Molina came third with 7.74 m in his only valid attempt.

For the Greater Antilles also competed the pertiguista Eduardo Nápoles, second with a mark of 5.40 m. The Creole won both the 5.20 m of his start and his final height in his second attempt, but then he could not overcome the rod in 5.50 m and saw how the Spaniard Isidro Leyva took the title of the test with that same height dominated.

Finally, Roxana Gómez competed this time in the 200 meters. In that test the specialist in the return to the oval finished fourth with a personal best of 23.71 s, in an event that she takes as part of her preparation in a year where she has the challenge of approaching the times that led her to be an Olympic finalist in Tokyo 2020 in the 400 meters flat.