"It's a high-tension structure, but mechanics have that kind of strained design, sometimes they turn out to be very strong. This is the right decision." TomislavPeykov Donchev is a Bulgarian politician from the GERB party, deputy for the draft cabinet "Denkov-Gabriel", which was presented on Friday and should be voted soon by MPs.

"There has to be a government. The road we went through was very difficult from a political point of view, sometimes from a human point of view. His work will not be easy, "said the deputy chairman of GERB.

In his words, the GERB party has not tried to get any advantage in the negotiations with PP-DB after the recording of the party meeting of "Change continues". Kiril Petkov and Assen Vassilev presented their political project "We continue the change" expired.

"We went through several phases, the result is important – there is a composition of a government and there is a majority in the National Assembly to support it. The other big news – there is a majority that has the will and is able to support judicial reform," Donchev said.

After a 3-hour meeting with Gabriel Acad. Denkov announced: There will be no ministers from GERB, we accept proposals for experts from everywhere

"The future regular cabinet must follow the course that we have set," he added.

To the question whether there will be MPs from GERB who will vote "against" the draft cabinet "Denkov-Gabriel", he admitted that he could not answer. We had a lot of conversations, we agreed that there is no better solution than this, no matter how difficult it is, specified the MP from GERB.

Tomislav Donchev

We continue the change