The winner of the project "Bachelor-12" with Alex Topolsky, model Kateryna Lozovitskaya showed a slim figure in a swimsuit.

The picture that the blogger shared on Instagram was taken on the island of Tenerife. There the celebrity recently went to rest with her chosen one. Against the backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean, Catherine posed in a turquoise swimsuit. In the photo, Lozovitskaya demonstrated her incredibly slim figure.

"Well, where without my photo," the model noted.

Kateryna Lozovytska in a swimsuit / Photo:

Kateryna is not only swimming in the ocean. The celebrity also enjoys local food. Recently, the model enjoyed shrimp in one of the restaurants on the island.

Rest of Kateryna Lozovitskaya / Photo:

Also, the blogger, together with her lover, organized a walk on a yacht, where she enjoyed the views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Kateryna Lozovytska / Photo:

Recall that recently Kateryna Lozovitskaya introduced her boyfriend to her parents. The model showed how their meeting went and what they were doing.

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