U.S. in Poland Mark Brzezinski believes that

Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine was a "strategic failure" for Vladimir Putin.

He said this in an interview with CNN Michael Smerconish.

"What has changed over the last week is that NATO has expanded in a way that only highlights the strategic failure of the decision. Putin to invade Ukraine. What we are seeing is an amplified total failure on Putin's part of his decision to invade a weaker Ukraine.

And in no way, in any way, Putin's war in Ukraine has improved the lives and future of the Russian people," Brzezinski said.

By the way, n

and in early April, Finland officially became NATO's 31st member. After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Finland and Sweden renounced neutrality and declared their desire to join the Alliance.

Recall, Russian political scientist Andrei Piontkovsky believes that Putin's entourage continues the struggle between supporters of surrender and "nobody's". The capitulation is supported by the party of the head of PMC "Wagner", and the draw is supported by the party of Putin's supporters.

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