US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan commented on the upcoming counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. He believes that this will be a successful operation and Ukraine will regain strategically important territories.

He said this in an interview with CNN.

Sullivan believes that as a result of counteroffensive actions, Ukraine will regain strategically important territories. Biden's adviser notes that he believes this operation will be successful.

"How much territory and in what places – it will depend on the development of events on the ground when Ukrainians launch this counteroffensive. But we believe Ukrainians will succeed in this counteroffensive," Sullivan said.

The United States believes that success in the counteroffensive will have a significant impact on the likely negotiations between Ukraine and Russia.

"President Zelensky himself said that this war will ultimately end diplomatically," Sullivan said.

Recall, the Ministry of Defense said that Ukraine will not announce the beginning of counteroffensive actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at the front.

Also, the former head of the US Central Command in 2008-2010 and former CIA Director (2011-2012), General David Petraeus, believes that the counteroffensive of Ukrainian troops will be rapid, and its culmination may come within 72-96 hours after the start, and Russia will suffer large-scale losses.

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