In the capital of Great Britain, London, the thief returned to the crime scene to leave the owner of the shop a gift - a note and 10 pounds. So he apologized for stealing ice cream earlier.

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Khalil Kurt, the owner of two shops in the Crouch End area of north London, popular with students at a nearby school, did not expect an apology from the thief, much less compensation for the stolen ice cream.

One day he noticed an unknown person entering his store. When Kurt entered the store, the visitor was gone. Instead, there was a note on the counter.

The thief left a touching gift. / Photo:

In the letter, the guy apologized that he had previously stolen ice cream from the store. He also attached £10 to compensate the shopkeeper.

The author apologized for the ice cream theft that occurred many years ago when he was "significantly younger" and took "full responsibility."

"I am writing this letter to apologize for my actions – stealing from your store. I want to take full responsibility for my actions and deeply apologize for the inconvenience I have caused. I invested £10 to offset to cover the costs of my act. I hope you can sincerely forgive me," the thief wrote.

The thief decided to apologize for the theft / Photo:

The shopkeeper was touched by the act of an unknown person. He says that he even reviewed the video from the surveillance cameras, but could not establish who first robbed him, and then apologized.

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