The actress of the "Women's Quarter" Ekaterina Nikitina decided to excite the imagination of her fans with a spicy photo.

On her Instagram page, the actress posted an atmospheric black and white photo where she poses on a bed. Nikitina lies on her stomach, Catherine is depicted topless and demonstrates elastic buttocks.

Under the photo, the actress reflected on how the French writer Delphine de Vigan would write about insomnia if these were our times:

"Insomnia is a payment for a rich imagination. Dolphine de Vigan". If she were writing it now, it would be something like this: "Insomnia is when you have a f*cking neighbor who launches "shaheds" into your country, missiles and everything that flies, and your heroic air defenses shoot them down, and you hear fireworks all night and pray! How I began to appreciate sleep. It's just... I am infinitely grateful and ready to say 'thank you' to our air defense every day," Nikitina wrote under the photo.

Ekaterina Nikitina / Photo:

Fans of the artist, in turn, overwhelmed her with original compliments: "Very beautiful", "Beautiful, however, sad buttocks", "Nikitina! Yes, it is impossible! That is a number with a dance in the "Kvartal"... Now the photo... What are you doing?! But your letter 'P' is sexy, even you don't stand naked next to you."

Earlier, actress Ksenia Mishina flaunted her beautiful forms. The star posed in a monokini in one of the spa hotels by the pool.

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