The District Prosecutor's Office - Kyustendil has initiated 2 pre-trial proceedings on the occasion of the death of Angel Hristov, known as one of the Galevi brothers. The first must establish whether the deceased person is really an Angel of Christ, and the second - what are the causes of death and whether it is natural, because there are no traces of violence on the body during the initial inspection.

The body has already been taken to Sofia for autopsy, although relatives have refused, but when an investigation has begun, they have no say.

The corpse of Angel Hristov, who died yesterday from a heart attack, known as one of the Galevi brothers, was taken to the morgue in Kyustendil. A report of a dead man was received at the emergency room yesterday.

The funeral of Angel Hristov by the Galevi brothers was stopped, the Ministry of Interior is investigating how he entered Bulgaria

"The call was not for an injured person, but for a deceased person and that is why I sent a cadaveric ambulance to the village of Resilovo. As far as I know, colleagues have not even done resuscitation actions and have confirmed the death, "said the director of the Center for Emergency Medical Care - Kyustendil Dr. A. Rapatinska.

Galevi Brothers

Angel of Christ