In the capital's Kyoto Park, in the Desnianskyi district of Kyiv, the corpse of a man was found.

Social networks decided that the deceased was a soldier, as he was wearing clothes that looked like a military man. But the Kiev police deny this.

"We have no information that this is a soldier. The body of the deceased was wearing tactical clothing. Yesterday it was reported that the corpse of a man was discovered in Kyoto Park. According to preliminary information, the man received a head injury. But the final cause of death will be established after a forensic examination. He looked about 40 years old. Criminal proceedings have been opened under Article 115. Investigators are investigating the case as premeditated murder. A person involved in the crime is wanted," the Kyiv police told

Currently, investigators do not disclose more information, but assure that the deceased was not a soldier.

We will remind, earlier in the village of Kalynove Kiev region 36-year-old man threw a grenade at guests. A 27-year-old guy died at the scene of the tragedy, many people were injured.

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