Volunteers of the RDK and the Legion "Freedom of Russia" suggested to the governor of the Belgorod region, Vyacheslav Gladkov, that he personally take away the Russian occupiers who were captured during the operation in the Belgorod region.

However, Gladkov ignored this proposal and did not come to the place indicated by volunteers. Instead, he put forward his conditions and expressed confidence that the "fascists" had killed them. The volunteers again showed on video that all the prisoners were alive. And in a few hours the amount of exchange background increased.

"I have just returned from Nova Tavolzhanka (where volunteers have appointed a meeting place with Gladkov. – Ed.). As we expected, Mr. Gladkov did not consider it necessary and did not find the courage to exchange his precious time for life and freedom, as he put it "our boys". Here are the very "boys of yours" whom Mr. Gladkov killed with our hands in his video. As you have noticed, during my absence, your boys in our captivity became much more," said Denis Nikitin, a commander of the Russian Volunteer Corps.

Nikitin noted that, unlike Gladkov, the owner of PMC Wagner, Prigozhin, was ready to agree to their terms.

"You, Mr. Gladkov, no longer dictate conditions to us. Since the governor does not control the situation in the region, does not know how many prisoners he has, we will communicate with those who make decisions in Moscow," the commander added.

Therefore, all prisoners will be transferred to Ukraine to replenish the exchange fund.

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