During the last seven days - three days of May and four days of summer - there were 10 air raid alarms in Kyiv. For the first time in a long time, the enemy struck the capital in the afternoon, when people were on the street and at work, TSN said.

During this week, the Russians fired 133 pieces of deadly iron at Kyiv. Each time, the enemy changed weapons and alternated shelling - either with "Shaheds", then cruise missiles, then ballistic-tactical "Iskanders".

On Monday night, the enemy attacks the capital with more than 40 air targets, all of them being shot down by our defense forces. However, the wreckage of enemy Shaheds and cruise missiles is falling in Kyiv and the region. In one of the districts of the capital, they break through the roof of a residential building, in the other - they hit the building of a dacha cooperative. And in Vyshneve, near Kyiv, a private house is hit. All the windows were blown out there, a fragment of the "Shahed" destroyed the façade, as well as a garage, a fence, a car and a flower garden.

While the owners were sweeping glass out of the house, the enemy struck a second time at lunchtime. He fired 11 missiles at Kyiv and the region. Our defense forces shot down everything again and debris is falling in different parts of the capital - on the roadway in the Desnyansky district, the territory of the park on the Left Bank, as well as near the gas station in Obolon. There, a piece of rocket almost hit a minibus with passengers, it miraculously managed to slip through the crash site.

On Tuesday night, the enemy attacks the capital again, this time with the Shaheds. Our defense forces shoot down 29 enemy drones, part of the debris falls in the Holosiivskyi district of the capital and hits a 24-storey building. 32-year-old Kateryna dies from injuries in her apartment, her boyfriend is still in hospital. The wreckage of the "Shahed" destroyed the four upper floors of this building, windows were damaged in almost all apartments. The blast wave was so strong that it tore out elevators. "The explosion was so strong that we were sitting in the bathroom on chairs, then we were lifted. The glass was around and we realized that there was an arrival in the house," residents say.

Almost three dozen cars parked in the yard cannot be restored either. Residents whose apartments survived or only lost their windows have already returned home. A special commission is working on the project for the restoration of the upper floors, how long it will take is not yet predicted.

On June 1, Children's Day, Russians release 10 Iskanders around the capital, their wreckage is scattered in several districts of the capital. In Desnyansky, they fall into the courtyard of a polyclinic, three people die there, at the time of the attack they tried to get into a closed shelter. Among the dead is 9-year-old Victoria with her mother Olya. "Vika almost managed to run to the stairs, and Olga got almost to the epicenter, she caught up with her. Mom screamed to her from the window. "Olya, come back, come back, because they are already shooting," And she shouted: "I need to save Vika." And she ran to rescue," witnesses say about the circumstances of the death of a mother and daughter.

The third victim is 33-year-old Natalia, she closed her nine-year-old daughter. "Very hard, honestly... Not opened and just so you understand, women knocked very panicky when it exploded over them. But no one opened it to them, they knocked, asked. They could now walk down the street and eat ice cream, just like others," says the husband of the deceased.

Due to the deaths of people, the prosecutor's office opened criminal proceedings, and on the eve chose a preventive measure for four suspects. These are three officials – the director of the polyclinic, his deputy for technical issues and the deputy chairman of the Desna Regional State Administration. They are under round-the-clock house arrest. The fourth suspect is a security guard who did not open the door, 62-year-old Vadim Moshkin. The man will stay in pre-trial detention for two months. Now he is the only one who has pleaded guilty.

The prosecutor's office also said that since January they have been investigating the embezzlement of funds allocated for the construction of shelters in the capital.

On Friday night, Russians were again pounding Kyiv with kamikaze drones and ballistic missiles. First, the enemy is trying to exhaust our air defense with "Shaheds", and during the second wave, around three in the morning, the defenders shoot down cruise missiles. Debris falls on private homesteads, damaged buildings and cars. Enemy shrapnel wounded two people, including a child.

Tonight was no exception – the Russians again tried to attack Kyiv and fired four cruise missiles and three attack drones. They were all shot down by our air defense forces on the distant approaches to Kyiv. However, the risk of new attacks is still high.

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