In Russia, any symbolism with yellow and blue colors causes a negative reaction and is prohibited. Some Russian security forces at the local level probably interpret "draconian Russian wartime law" in such a way that public display of blue and yellow symbols is prohibited because it may indicate covert support for Ukraine.

This is stated in the daily review of the Ministry of Defense of Great Britain.

So, it is noted that on May 9, an employee of a nursing home was arrested in Russia, who wore a blue and yellow jacket to work. Also in Volkhov, near St. Petersburg, a 22-year-old Russian was detained for demonstrating a blue-and-yellow flag, which turned out to be the flag of the Military Space Forces of the Russian Federation.

Russia has heavily criticized the ultranationalist Liberal Democratic Party, which supports the war against Ukraine because its brand contains yellow on a blue background.

"The crackdown underscores uncertainty among paranoid Russian officials about what is and is permissible in an increasingly totalitarian system," British intelligence wrote.

Recall, analysts at the Institute for the Study of War explained why Prigozhin aggravated the conflict with the Russian Defense Ministry.

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