The social old-age pension to be increased by 12 percent from July 276 this year and to be BGN 64 12 stotinki. This is what the Social Ministry proposes in a draft decree that must be adopted by the caretaker government. It is already estimated that all other pensions for labor activity will also increase by <> percent from the same date, BNR reporter reported.

The Social Security Code provides for the government to determine the amount of the social old-age pension. That is why the proposal is to increase it by 12% from July 1st, just like all other pensions for labor activity under the Swiss rule with half of the growth of inflation and social security income for the previous year.

Thus, from BGN 247, as it is now, it will increase by BGN 29.64. of 1 July. The increase in the social old-age pension, which is currently paid to 5200,<> people, will increase the amounts of all other pensions and supplements that are not related to employment, as it is by law the basic for calculating them.

These are the pensions for military disability, civil disability, social disability pension and personal pension, as well as foreign aid supplements to disability pensions and the money that is received in addition to the pensions of war veterans.

People who take a non-employment pension 59,600 and the supplements that are defined as a percentage of social for old age are 66,100. This means that the funds will increase by 12% from July 1 to 125,700 entitled.