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After the train accident, the Indian Railways has run a special train from Bhadrak to Chennai today. There are also some people in this train who came to Bhadrak to find their lost family members. But they are going back because they have not had much success here. Some people are going to Bhubaneswar, some will go beyond that.

One person said that one of his loved ones was going to Chennai when the Coromandel Express met with an accident. There is no news of him so far, so now he is going to Bhubaneswar. He said that when he went to the camp and showed the photo, he told that this body has gone to Bhubaneswar.

A young man named Rahul said, "I work as a railway worker in Jachpur. My brother-in-law and brother-in-law were going to Kerala. When I called at 8.30 pm, the phone was found switched off. When we came to know about the accident, it was thought that they were going to Kerala and would be in the same vehicle. I came in the morning and went to the hospital. He was not in that hospital, he was shifted to another. I went and saw that he did not suffer many injuries. He is currently in the hospital, will be discharged later. We are from Kolkata. I have seen them, now I am going to Checkpur."

Sheikh Nizamuddin, a resident of Nandigram, said that he had come to find his son. "I can't find my little boy. A young man accompanying him said, "I don't know if he is injured or not, whether he is in the hospital or not. We don't know. We will know when we go to Bhubaneswar," he said, showing his photo on his mobile phone.

"We have visited all the hospitals. I searched everywhere, i couldn't find it anywhere. He told us to go to Bhubaneswar and see there. If not, get a DNA test done. We gave the photo but there is no match with the photo.

There are many people whose family members are missing. Despite searching for them for the last 24 hours, they have not been able to find them. They have been told to go to Bhubaneswar. There are some injured people in cuttack hospital. The bodies of some of the deceased have been sent to AIIMS in Bhopal and some other hospitals. People are now going to Bhubaneswar to find their loved ones.