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"We've been able to halve inflation. For May, it will be below 10%. This is a success of the caretaker government", said in the show "In Focus" caretaker Minister of Economy Nikola Stoyanov Nikola Stoyanovwas born in 1976 in Sofia. He graduated in Law from Sofia University.

"It can be seen that uncertainty in the formation of a regular cabinet. I know three or four of the proposed ministers, and they are experts. The proposed Minister of Economy Bogdan Bogdanov is currently part of my team, a positive signal is that he has been proposed, I hope there will be continuity," he said.

According to Stoyanov, he found oppressed people, illegal dismissals, fragmentation and stress in the ministry.

"Bogdanov is working well. We managed to work calmly in a civilized way and with transparent competitions. I hope this line continues. So far in our communication I have noticed that he insists on the same priorities - to attract investments, "explained Stoyanov.

According to the minister, no one in the caretaker cabinet expected their rule to last so long.

"The lack of predictability was the most difficult thing in our work," the minister said.

Minister of Economy: Prices are falling!

Nikola Stoyanov