In Israel, 17-year-old Linoy Arba was hospitalized after straightening her hair at a hairdresser.

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The drug penetrated the scalp, led to intoxication of the body and impaired kidney function.

The girl's condition was rapidly deteriorating. She is currently in the intensive care unit.

"This is not the first time Linoy has straightened his hair in this way. The last time she did the same hair straightening procedure, everything was fine, but now she is in hospital with a serious health disorder," says her mother.

What happened to the girl after the hair straightening procedure at the hairdresser

After the procedure, on the way from the hairdresser, Linoy complained to her mother about the ailment. She felt a burning sensation in her scalp. Then she started nausea and vomiting. Her parents took her to the hospital.

"Because of what happened to my daughter, I no longer trust any drugs, even those licensed by the Ministry of Health of Israel. That was the drug that was applied to Linoy's hair. In the hospital, we were told that she is not the first to suffer from intoxication of the body due to hair straightening. Four more women were admitted to her hospital," says the girl's mother.

She stressed that the procedure was done by a professional hairdresser.

"My daughter and I have been visiting her for many years, so we couldn't think of anything wrong. The master herself was shocked by what a severe reaction Lina developed to these drugs, and in general from what happened," the woman added.

Now it is known that dialysis (a method of blood purification widely used in kidney failure - ed.) was not needed by the girl. Her condition is stabilized.

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