Singer Kamalia found free days in her busy creative schedule to spend time with her daughters - Arabel and Mirabelle.

On her Instagram page, the star said that she had long promised the girls to spend their holidays together, so she arranged a vacation for them in Belgium. The singer went on a trip with her daughters without her billionaire husband Mohammed Zahoor, with whom she recently announced her divorce.

In Belgium, Kamalia and her twins enjoyed a horseback ride. The singer also shared smiling photos from the rest on the Web.

"Mom said, Mom did! My daughters have a short vacation, and I promised that we would definitely spend them together. So we're in Belgium to ride my favorite horse, Gangham Style," the singer wrote.

Kamalia with her daughters / Photo:

In April 2023, Kamalia and Mohammed Zahoor were stunned by the news of their divorce after 20 years of marriage. Recently, however, fans have more and more speculation that the couple still reconciled.

After all, despite the news of the breakup, the couple continues to spend time together. Moreover, at the singer's birthday in May, the billionaire arranged a luxurious surprise for her in Cannes and called her "beloved woman" right from the stage. After that, Kamalia and Zahoor appeared under the handle at the Cannes Film Festival in paired images.

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